“Playing the Keep It Real game made us realize why we fell in love to begin with, why we stay together, and that deep down inside my husband is still the same person he was before he went to Iraq.”

Awilda Martinez, Graphic Designer

“There has never been a board game like this … EVER!!! We have seen and played the games that challenge our memory, our intellect, our management skills, even our physical dexterity. But KEEP IT REAL challenges us in ways that would do far more than entertain or help to pass the time. It will stay with us in potentially life altering ways in rebuilding our perceptions of others and ourselves, while having us run a fun filled spectrum of emotions in the process. No one has ever enjoyed themselves or explored themselves this much with a board game before!”

Gerard Brown, Playwright/Screenwriter/Teacher
Screenwriter of Tupac Shakur’s film “Juice”.

“Keep It Real is a game to be played by anyone, anywhere, any place, any time; it is a game that everyone needs.”

Sherene Davis, Mother of two

“A safe space…at last…to finally discover things about yourself you always wanted to know, to say things you have always wanted to say, and to be who you really are! Keep It Real is a game where we discover, uncover, reveal and share. We listen, learn and grow new understandings. We open up to new places within, find answers, gain awareness, unstick ourselves and let go of old stuff. Thank you for this game.”

MarySarah Agliotta, Therapist, Yoga Instructor

“Created with love… Transformed through passion… Keep It Real is an inspirational game; evoking inner peace, positive thinking and change.”

Siobhan Pierre, Publicist

“This game gives you knowledge. Some people don’t even know it is in them, the game brings it out. I could play this game for ten hours and never get bored.”

David DeLaurentis, 21 years old

“All of our reality is in these cards.”

Social Worker, The Schafer Young Adult Initiative

“I fell in love with KEEP IT REAL GAME the very first time I played it. As an adult, it helped me talk about some issues in my life that I didn’t even want to think about. As a parent, it helped me discuss subjects that I would normally be embarrassed to do with my daughter, as well as my teenage nieces and nephews. This game helps you face the person in the mirror, and also makes a way to talk about difficult issues. I recommended the KEEP IT REAL GAME to all my friends and family members, including my church family. ”

Maria J. Gaston, Exec. Producer/Hostess of Jarvelle Show

“My two teenage children and I enjoyed playing Keep It Real. The game opened up a dialogue that had been missing between us. We learned things about each other and how we think about situations that affect us everyday. The props in the game were fun because it brought out the humorous side of our personalities. It was fun to laugh at ourselves while stimulating our thoughts about the world we live in. I recommend Keep It Real to be played by families and friends. The game brought my family closer in ways which we often talk about in our travels.”

Vincent Smythe, Environmental Artist and Health Insurance Specialist.

“My name is Whitney “Luvly Brown” Lawrence and I recently was introduced to the “Keep It Real” game by Leslie Robinson. Ms. Robinson came to me with the game at a time in my life where I was desperately searching for my purpose. The Keep It Real game allowed me to search deeper within myself to find meaning in many of the things that I do. The game creatively asks the questions that most people are too intimidated to ask, boldly unmasks truths that desperately need to be revealed and enlightens the mind of those seeking a an alternative perspective.
I am currently working within the underground entertainment industry in New York City. The industry has received me quite well but I am always under the microscope and find myself often second guessing my professional decisions to better suit the desires of others in my field. However, once I played “Keep It Real” I realized that my career was moving in the right direction, but I myself was moving in the wrong direction. A month later I made the necessary changes to my life, my friends, my family and my career…and I couldn’t be happier. I have told Ms. Robinson on more than one occasion that the Keep It Real game harbors a magic that changes people…and will one day change the world.”

~Whitney “Luvly Brown” Lawrence~

“Every card has questions that affect everyone who is playing the game; we have all been through and experienced all of these things.”

Matthew Armstrong-Parker, 21 years old

“Playing Keep It Real was a blast. It is amazing that a game that is so much fun also gets people tuned in to themselves, helps them to learn who they are and to respect diversity in others, and to connect with the other players.
The Keep It Real game which focuses on self-discovery through thought provoking and stimulating questions, also helps people to acknowledge alternatives in life, to embrace the unpredictable, and teaches not to limit yourself with brittle perceptions. This game opens the heart, mind and imagination, and gets people talking and thinking about life in so many dimensions. It is awesome!”

Mangy-Nkoli, film maker – ‘Smoking Cessation’

“The Keep It Real game helps us to interpret what has come at us in our lives, helps us to reframe where we’ve been, and then build a framework for where we’re going. The questions give us the opportunity to look at life differently, and are an aide in providing self-definition.”

COL Eric W. Olsen, Chaplain

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