Parent’s Guide


Keep it Real

with your child

A Parent’s Guide

O.K. Here is an opportunity to create a space for Real communication between you and your child.
A chance to open avenues of self-expression that allow you to Keep learning about one another so that
your child can bring It on and let it out! Are you ready to Keep It Real?
Playing Keep it Real will allow you and your child to gain incredible skills in:

  • Empathy
  • Self-Expression and Social Relationships
  • Authenticity
  • Acceptance
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Knowledge

and most assuredly can make the bridge out of isolation into the world of connection.

The purpose of this guide is to help you realize your importance in setting the stage for an effective and inspirational game session as you forge new pathways of communication in your relationship.

Here are some Guidelines for Playing that will optimize your experience!

You Are Individuals

This game is made to access our unique nature; so we must let go of “parental” judgment and authority temporarily in order to ensure we provide an equal playing ground.

Respect One Another

Sometimes it is hard to hear others’ views when they are different than ours, or when someone has been keeping their thoughts to themselves. We can be surprised and shocked when someone finally “opens up.”
It is important to give the message of respect no matter what surfaces.

Enjoy Your Child

Don’t be afraid! Take this time to recognize your child’s wonderful talents, mannerisms, expressions and passions. Utilize the game to gently reveal yourselves to one another and relish in the discoveries!

Use Encouragement

Believe it or not, many people have a hard time in saying or doing things and would rather sacrifice their integrity than really “stand up” for themselves. Your child may (or may not) need a lot of gentle encouragement to self-disclose. Remember, that this is an ongoing practice. The more you play, the more comfortable you and your child will become in learning to share what you really think and feel.

Be a Role Model

You are a role model for your child. There has been a great deal of psychological research done that suggests “resiliency” is born from being around “positive” people and environments. When you model strength and fearlessness concerning your own thoughts and emotions, your child will feel permission to do the same!

Play Frequently

Keep it Real is perfect for creating a structured period of time which can be used for authentic communication. Realize, that many patterns of communication, be they positive or negative develop over time and that it takes time to undo them or to remake them. It is worth investing in this time, and could be the difference between your child feeling empowered to create in the world or “lost” in a world filled with complexity and challenges.

Believe That Anything is Possible!

People who have played Keep It Real, have experienced it’s transformational, life-giving potential. It is important that you realize the infinite healing potential we have, no matter what our circumstances have been. In our times, there are many technologies that our children have access to. Keep it Real, is not a technology. It is a powerful tool that can change lives and provide ongoing opportunities for growth through connection.

Have FUN!

This is a game that breaks us open. That allows us to be silly, relinquish our defenses, and do things we might never have done before. Let your hair down. Let yourself go a little and see what emerges!

Well, I hope that this helps you see how important you are and what a box of magic you have at your fingertips!

Here’s to you, your child(ren)…….and all of your voyages ahead!!!


Communication Growth Opportunity

Change Healing

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