…A communication game which invites you to discover what really dwells within the hearts and minds of yourself and others!

The Keep It Real RX game provides a safe space for people to explore and share their memories, reflections, beliefs, dreams, feelings, fantasies, imaginations and secret desires out loud! Playing this bold and profound interactive game will transport you beyond the realm of who you always imagined yourself to be, and will free you to become more of who you really are.

The Keep It Real RX game brings worlds together. It is a game for all who want to discover more than what they presently know.

  • Real questions you have always wanted to ask, but never dared to
  • Real questions you have always secretly wanted to discuss
  • Interactions and challenges that break through barriers and bond

Families and friends who play Keep It Real RX together frequently experience sudden bursts of energy, appreciation, compassion and love and grow new understandings.We learn to care more and feel more, and are not so quick to judge. Keep It Real RX: An experience that empowers us, challenges us, and never stops asking questions.

Keep It Real RX is a place where strangers become friends, friends become comrades, and families see one another with new eyes.


  • The World
  • Personal
  • Fantasy/Imagination
  • Reflection
  • Action/Description
  • Interaction/Communication
  • Keep It Real Challenges

Keep It Real RX beckons us to look at the underside of life and fling our flags away. It pleads with us to dance with abandon, and put our old, little, snarly judges down for naps. Try on another’s shoes for a while…..spin upside-down, only to discover ourselves right side up.

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