About the Company

Trance4mation Games, L.L.C. is a New York City based communication/game company, manufacturing revolutionary new games to revitalize and rejuvenate the human spirit through the creation of a safe “space” for authentic, life-enhancing communication and interpersonal connection. Social isolation as well as breakdowns in communication in families have become significant issues. Trance4mation Games creates powerful, cutting edge interactive games designed to address and to change this trend.

Trance4mation Games Mission:

Trance4mation Games views its mission as providing the public with unique, bold and transformational games which are in essence restorative powerhouses; games that will get people talking, interacting, connecting and laughing as soon as they begin to play. Trance4mation Games means to satisfy people’s need to communicate in ways that connect and bond them to one another.

Leslie Robinson: Inventor, Founder and CEO

Inventor of the Keep It Real board game, Leslie is a psychotherapist with a private practice in New York City, and she has been a Consultant for the foster care system for seventeen years. Leslie is the CEO and Founder of Trance4mation Games and the President and Founder of the non-profit, Trance4mation Nation, Inc.

Leslie has been a Program Director for programs for at-risk youth in the South Bronx, for six years created and implemented long-term intensive arts and after-school programs in inner city schools for at-risk youth, developed and led staff development trainings in creativity, and for two years pioneered a poetry project at Rikers Island Correctional Facilities for Men and Women. She has also supervised residences for homeless young adults, worked in homeless shelters, worked in an emergency shelter for runaway youth, and has been an adjunct literature and writing Professor at the College of New Rochelle. Leslie graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing.

Leslie has recently been facilitating highly lauded workshops on leadership development, communication, diversity and inclusion, first generation, team building, anti-bullying, Veteran Reintegration, peer to peer mentoring and service learning on college campuses nationwide. Leslie facilitated workshops at the national conferences for APCA and NODA, 2012, and will be facilitating a workshop at NCORE in May, 2013. She has also been a presenter at numerous military events and conferences.

Leslie’s areas of expertise are: Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development, Team Building, Veteran Reintegration, First Generation, Empowerment, Staff Development, Retention, Retreats, Self-Development, Communication, Community Building, Positive Relationships and Mental Health.

I sincerely welcome questions, suggestions and comments at [email protected]

Marilette Sanchez: Social Media Marketing Director

Marilette is a native New Yorker, a wife, a mom, and a Christian youth minister. She and her husband work on character development at inner-city Brooklyn high schools with Cru. Her blog MariletteSanchez.com is an online community that believes there is more to the Christian life than hypocrisy, more to marriage than divorce, and more to pop culture than shallow art.

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