November, 2010

Keep It Real Game – You Belong

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

According to the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – over 3 million youth ages 12-17 took part in group against group fights last year. Millions of our youth are feeling isolated, alienated, and are engaging in violent behaviors.

I, Leslie Robinson, am a psychotherapist, and a consultant for the foster care system. For six years, I created and implemented creative arts after-school programs for at-risk and hard-to-reach youth. I created the Keep It Real RX communication board game in an attempt to help youth to communicate with one another in deep, meaningful and more vulnerable ways, in order for them to get more in touch with their feelings, and to encourage empathy, a genuine sense of belonging, and compassion for one another

Trance4mation Games is deeply committed to assisting those who are working to help our disenfranchised youth become more connected to their schools, and their communities. 95% of the students who have played this game feel the use of the Keep it Real game in their classrooms would promote a better learning environment, reduce violence, and create more harmony in their schools.